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  • Keratin Manicure

    Thanks to the ample amount of the protein in its formula, the strengthener acts in a similar fashion as the in-salon treatment for your strands—the keratin actually bonds to the natural keratin proteins in your nails to fortify weak areas, and bring back moisture lost to LED lights and acetone.

  • French Manicure

    French manicures require a steady hand and real precision if they’re going to look good. Thus its popularity: French nails are versatile.

  • Polish Change

    If you’re looking to simply change your nail color or re-paint your nails, we have you covered.

  • Color Gel

    Gel manicures are arguably one of the most exciting beauty innovations of the last few years–a mani that lasts for two solid weeks without chipping and doesn’t require any dry time seems downright miraculous.

  • Tip Sets

    Your nail technician will mix a liquid with a powder and brush the mixture onto your nails. They’ll usually cover your entire nail, though sometimes they’ll just add tips or a flexible form that they can sculpt to extend your nails.

  • Permanent French Manicure

    The manicurist will use a technique called airbrushing instead of the usual apply and dry. After the nail is airbrushed, a UV sealant is used to protect the underlying layer.

  • UV Gel French Set

    Once you’ve applied your full set of UV Gel Permanent French nails, it is important to maintain their fresh look at least once a month. However, there is no need to completely remove and re-apply the UV Gel Set.

  • Fill In

    Your technician will gently file down the acrylic edge closest to your nail bed, then fill in the empty area between your nail bed and the existing acrylic nail.

  • UV Gel Clear or Pink Set

    Special gel used to highlight all colors, hues and glosses used under builder, color or Nail Art. If used directly on the natural nail the end result will be a very natural transparent pink hue.


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  • Keratin Pedicure

    Weak nails occur from either constant injury or aging. Both injuries and aging reduce the amount of minerals sent to your fingernails, which keratin needs. If you cannot build up keratin, weak nails will start to occur.

  • French Pedicure

    A French pedicure is a specific style of painting the nails that consists of a natural looking clear, pink or nude toned base polish paired with thin white tips. It can be achieved on natural nails as well as on acrylic or artificial nails.

  • Color Gel Pedicure

    Using gel instead of traditional polish is said to make the pedicure last longer, without chipping. The gel also provides a smooth, clean look.

  • Polish Change

    If you’re looking for a quick service to simply change the color on your toes, here it is, this is a dry quick way to fix up your nail toes.

  • SPA Pedicure

    It is a longer service, with more steps — an aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap, hot stone massage or paraffin dip — that make the spa manicure last longer and feel more luxurious.


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  • Eyebrow

  • Lip

  • Chin

  • Under Arm

  • Full Arm

  • Half Arm

  • Full Leg

  • Half Leg

  • Bikini

  • Brazilian Bikini


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  • Chair Massage (10 min)

  • Foot Massage (10 min)

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